Lovers & Lollypops was created in 2005 as a result of the characteristic DIY urgency, the impulse to make things happen and the desire to document and publicize all the music that excited us at the time.   
Seventeen years and more than a hundred records later, that's still the main motivation: to record what has been one of the most fertile moments in musical creation in Portugal and beyond, through record publishing, promotion and agency.

From the very beginning and alongside its publishing activity, L&L has organized concerts and festivals - including the iconic Milhões de Festa and Tremor - in a constant act of reinvention, searching for new paths and languages, which come together around founding ideas such as freshness, lyricism and persistence.


22 feb.
Lovers & Lollypops, Porto
Listening Session: "Live at Cafe OTO" by Solar Corona
Listening Session: "Live at Cafe OTO" by Solar Corona @ Lovers & Lollypops, Porto

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28 feb.
Lovers & Lollypops, Porto
Sistro @ Lovers & Lollypops, Porto

"This project began casually and unintentionally during various excursions to megalithic monuments in the hills and mountains of northern Portugal, culminating in an unusual two-day musical experimentation session in Esposende in September 2019. In this two-day session, codenamed "Arménio Sessions," the trio explored a sound based on ocean sounds, electronic beats, electric noises, and the strings of a prepared guitar. Channeling the power of the elements and the mysticism of the place in the form of a musical experience."


Sistro are Nuno Oliveira on modified guitar and percussions, Tito Silva on synths and drum machine Oficinas TK on noise static and sampling.


19 mar.
São Miguel, Azores
Tremor 2024
Tremor 2024 @ São Miguel, Azores

Tremor 2024

19 - 23 March
São Miguel, Azores


27 mar.
Lovers & Lollypops, Porto
Sarine + Yantra
Sarine + Yantra @ Lovers & Lollypops, Porto

Sarine is a multi-instrumentalist, known above all for his work as drummer and percussionist for DEAFKIDS. In his solo project, he explores the diverse potential of rhythm, both as the most ancestral principle of music and its most sophisticated resource. His records are a proven search for the natural and transcendental aspects of cyclical trance — one whose driving force and ultimate goal is the acquisition of self-knowledge. His music draws inspiration from diverse sources, from Charanjit Singh's experiments in the electronic modernization of northern Indian ragas, to master organists from different parts of Africa, such as Hailu Mergia, Mammane Sani and Hama.

The first part is delivered to the Yantra project.




Own events

milhões de festaBarcelos, 2010-presente

Milhões de Festa

Since 2010, Milhões de Festa has been taking place in Barcelos (Portugal), the point from which, in more than ten years of history, it build a reputation of being one of the most country's most referential musical event, a space for discovery and encounter with new musical movements and a scenery for dozens of national premieres and memorable concerts. Driven by its eclecticism, Milhões de Festa proposes, annually, a diverse line up composed by national and international artists, a stage that is also a swimming pool, a “taina” are that incorporates the DNA of the region where it operates crossing music and food, as well as a set of musical and cultural proposals that in the city's public spaces, in an attempt to promote a close connection between the festival and Barcelos.
It was also around Milhões de Festa that a movement of musical creation was born, described by some as the “Barcelos scene”. A movement guided by the appearance of a diverse group of new bands and an environment of collaborative musical creation that remains alive until today. 


(2014-Presente) Tremor is an festival-experience that aims to implement a creative platform in a constant dialogue with the territory and the local community of the Azores, with particular attention to the island of São Miguel, the place where it takes place annually. With music as its ignition point, Tremor integrates a set of concerts that, over five days, occupies theaters, commercial spaces and touristic locations. The hallmarks of the festival are Tremor na Estufa, surprise concerts that are often held in natural and outdoor spaces, and Tremor Todo-o-Terreno, hikes that are accompanied with original and site-specific soundtracks, created to provide a plastic and sonic experience for a specific trail and that culminate in a live presentation surrounded by nature.
Committed to its work with the Azorean community, Tremor has been intensifying, since 2014, its residency program, with a wide range of exclusive creations that relate music to the territory, that activate collaborative creation with artists from the Azores and that involve different communities in the production of unique shows. Examples of this are the regular collaboration with the Rabo de Peixe School of Music and the São Miguel Deaf Association, among others.

tremor (2014-2018).jpgS. Miguel, Açores, 2014-presente
20 xx vinte (2008-2014).jpgPorto e Lisboa, 2008-2014

20 XX Vinte

The 20 XX Vinte is an itinerant festival that offers an authentic music marathon and non-stop exhibitions. So far five editions were held in different spaces in Porto, Guimarães and Lisbon integrated with some of the initiatives of the most recent European capitals of culture in the country. 20 XX Vinte aims to be an exercise of "State of Art" for contemporary Portuguese culture .


Serralves em festa (2014-2017).jpg(Porto, 2014-2018)

Serralves em Festa

Festival anual organizado em Serralves que conta com várias atrações artísticas desde a arte performativa, música e artes plásticas.

FESTA outono (2016-2017).jpg(Porto, 2016-2018)

Festa de Outono 

No ambiente único do Parque de Serralves, a Festa do Outono marca a chegada da nova estação e celebra a época das colheitas, o reavivar de antigas tradições e costumes, demonstra saberes e práticas ancestrais ligadas à tradição rural, revividos no contexto contemporâneo de Arte e Paisagem que é Serralves.

Há luz no Parque 

Os públicos de Serralves podem visitar o Parque à noite nos meses de julho e agosto e conhecer, ou revisitar, percursos, árvores e elementos construídos icónicos, decorativamente iluminados, que transformam o ambiente noturno do Parque numa experiência única de magia e luz.

Há luz no parque (2016-2017).jpg(Porto, 2016-2018)

Ponte Party People

Ponte Party People had four editions (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 and 2016) and took place in Braga (Portugal). Held in one of the lungs of the city, Parque da Ponte, the event was one of the first in the region to present a line up totally composed of emerging Portuguese music.

Ponte party people (2016).jpg(Braga, 2016)
lessiestes.jpgLes Siestes Eletronics (Coimbra, 2018)

Les Siestes Électroniques

Les Siestes Électroniques is a summer event held annually in France that, in 2018, started to have a Portuguese edition in Coimbra. Focusing mainly on electronic music, the event features a line-up of emerging artists targeting not only fans of the genre, but also professionals working in this field. The fact that it takes place outdoors and has free admission makes Les Siestes Électroniques a rare event in the European festival scene. 

salto da graça (2018).jpgMondim de Basto, 2018

Salto da Graça

Based in Mondim de Basto (Portugal), Salto da Graça is an event that brings together music and adventure, developing initiatives that, in dialogue with nature, design new ways to discover the local territory and propose a new relationship between live music and natural environment. Canoeing, paragliding, off-road circuits, hiking, cycling and canyoning are some of the sporting activities that are complemented by soundtracks and exclusive concerts.


GRÓIA is the acronym for the editorial section of VICE “Guimarães Rocka-Ó-Ió-Ai” and was born from a partnership between VICE and 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture. The festival organized concerts of Portuguese bands such as PAUS, Allen Halloween and Moullinex + Xinobi.

groia.jpgGuimarães, 2012


musa.jpgMUSA (2016-presente)
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